Loan Programs

Which Mortgage is Right for You?

There are a number of different types of home loans available to you, and it can pay to familiarize yourself with them. Whether you are purchasing your first home, buying a second home, or refinancing your current home, we have a loan program that will work for you!

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Mortgage Rate Options

Fixed Rate

The most common type of loan option, the traditional fixed-rate mortgage includes monthly principal and interest payments which never change during the loan’s lifetime.

Adjustable ARM

Adjustable-rate mortgages include interest payments which shift during the loan’s term, depending on current market conditions. ARMs usually have a fixed rate period between 3-7 years. 

Interest Only

Interest Only loans require the borrower to make only the interest payment on the full balance of the loan. Interest only loans do not amortize on their own. A balloon payment of the principle balance will be paid at a specified time, usually at the last scheduled payment of the loan.

Loan Program Options

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Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are loans that meet Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac criteria. Typically, conventional loan limits are $647,000, but certain counties have higher limits. 

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Jumbo Loans

A jumbo loan is a mortgage used to finance properties that are too expensive for a conventional conforming loan.